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City - Tirana
Area -3.500 m2
Price - 12.000 Euro €
Property type -Villa

Villa for rent in Elbasani Street in Tirana, Albania (TRR-215-48b)

6-th storey Villa for rent near Xibrakeve Street in Tirana.

It is located on the side of the main street with good opportunities to advertise your business.

The villa has 3.500 m2 of space and a small yard.

The first floor is the basement and can be serving for parking space.

The second floor is about 400 m2 and includes living room which serves as the reception, bar and restaurant.

The 3-rd floor includes big space, corridor and balcony. Currently it serves for different weddings or conferences.

The 4-th and the 5-th floor have the same structure.  They include 12 rooms and corridor for each floor.

The 6-th floor of the villa includes 6 rooms from 57 m2 - 70 m2 of space and corridor.

The villa has 2 different internal scales. 

However, you can change all the interior space depending on your functions.

The villa is very suitable for different activities such as: hotel and bar-restaurant, various institutions and companies, association, school, foundation etc.

The area is quiet and recently developed these years.  In this area you will find many embassies.

If you are looking to expand or to invest in your activity then, this is one the best properties that you can choice.

Price 12.000 Euro/muaj

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