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City - Tirana
Area -505 m2 + 142 m2
Price - 600.000 Euro €
Property type -Club

Modern Club for sale in Tirana, near Don Bosko area, Albania (TRS-915-54b)

Bar, pizzeria and children playground for sale near Eshref Frasheri Street in Tirana.

The club is located on the second and third floor attached to the new building, on the side of the main road.

It has 465 m2 of space which is used for bar and children playground, 65 m2 of space which is used for pizzeria and 160 m2 of veranda. There are even 3 toilets.

The club is offered or fully furnished with all the necessary equipment.

The furniture is modern and has very good quality. 

The veranda offers you different spaces filled with flowers. If you are looking to buy a business in Albania, then this is one of the best investments that you can make.

This property is very suitable for bar, restaurant, children playground, but also for different businesses, office, calls center, association, clinical, companies etc.

The location of the club is very strategic with direct access in Don Bosko and Jordan Misja Street.

Price 600.000 Euro


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