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Villa for sale in Lunder area in Tirana, Albania, (TRS-517-19K)

Villa for sale in one of the best villas residence near TEG. The vi...

Price:565.000 Euro

Two bedroom apertment for sale near Harry Fultz highschool in Tirana, Albania, (TRS-517-20K)

Apartment for sale in Petro Marko street in Tirana. The apartment i...

Price:90.000 Euro

Store for rent in Zenel Baboci Street in Tirana, Albania (TRR-517-21L)

Store for rent close to Selvia area in Tirana. It is situated on th...

Price:400 Euro

Modern three bedroom apartment in the beginning of Elbasani Street in Tirana , Albania (TRR-517-16a)

Apartment for rent in Elbasani street in Tirana. Located in one of ...

Price:1700 Euro

Office space for rent in Kavaja street in Tirana, Albania, (TRR-517-22K)

Office space for rent in Kavaja street in Tirana. The office is sit...

Price:4500 Euro