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About Albanian Real Estate Agency

Here at Albania Real Estate, our main goal is to make it easier for everyone to buy or sell their property. We use the internet to bring the choices to you. Whether you reside in Albania or not you can view our full list of properties online, with detailed pictures and information. Our properties vary from very large land plots in the Albanian Riviera (40 to 300+ Ha) destined for tourism development or commercial sites, to villas, apartments or smaller land plots, for rent or sale in almost all areas of Albania.

After you've done your research on our site please contact us and let us know what you are considering. One of our experienced agents will inform you more on your decision and maybe offer a few more ideas that may benefit you. "An informed customer is a happy customer" and happy customers are who we're after. Our agents will work hard to help you find the property you are looking for. You will then meet one of our agents who will accompany you on-site, and will help you arrange a compromise with the owners.

After reaching an agreement between seller/buyer, the process will then go to our Legal Staff, who will carefully check the property before you buy, to ensure there are no conflicts of ownership or any other legal issues. They will then carefully arrange all documents necessary, while ensuring that both parties' terms are met. Albania Real Estate will be with you every step of the way!


Email:  info@realestate.al

Three bedroom apartment for sale near Willson square in Tirana, Albania (TRS-315-40b)

Apartment for sale in Ymer Kurti Street in Tirana. It is situated o...

Price:140 000 Euro

Two bedroom apartment for rent in Elbasani Street in Tirana, Albania (TRR-315-41b)

Apartment for rent near the entrance of the big Park in Tirana. It ...

Price:550 Euro

Apartment for sale in Asim Vokshi street in Tirana, Albania (TRS-315-42m)

Apartment for sale near Harry Fultz school in Tirana. Positioned on ...

Price:750 Euro / m2

Office for rent in Ymer Kurti street in Tirana, Albania (TRR-315-44m)

Office for rent near Petro Nini Luarasi school in Tirana. Positioned...

Price:8 Euro/m2

Modern three bedroom apartment for sale at the Italian Embassy in Tirana, Albania (TRS-415-6m)

Duplex apartment for sale in Themistokli Germenji street in Tirana. ...