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Articles that discuss the general problems and aspects of realestate market in Albania


Notary Fee in a Real Estate Purchase Contract

Under the Albanian Legislation in force the Buyer is entitle to pay the notary fee for the Final Sale-Purchase Contract, and the governmental fees with Immovable Property Registration Office, related to the registration of the Contract and Withdrawing the Ownership...

/ 7 May 2020
Ksamil Saranda Albania

Cities in Albania

TIRANA Tirana has been the capital of Albania since 1920. It is relatively new city established in 1614 from Sulejman Bargjini, feudal of the area at the time. The city began to grow at the beginning of the 18th century....

/ 17 April 2020

About Albania!

Albania is a country in South-Eastern Europe, in the West of the Balkan Peninsula, between the geographical coordinates: 39 16′ latitude and 42 39′ longitude. Albania covers a surface of 28.748 km2. The overall length of the borderline of the...

/ 2 April 2011