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City - Tirana
Area -500 m2
Price - ... €
Property type -Villa

Villa for sale in '4 Deshmoret' Street in Tirana , (TRS-412-1)

Villa for sale in '4 Deshmoret' Street, the location of the villa is around 800 meters from downtown Tirana. Its on the side of the road; its a new construction, regular paperwork and property certificate. Nonetheless, that person or company who is interested in purchasing this villa will certainly verify it through a lawyer.
-The first floor is currently a coffee-bar& sport betting & billiards with a surface of 130 square meters. The entry is separate and can be easily converted into high class casino.
-The second floor is currently a restaurant-pub with all necessary premises. The surface is around 200 square meters. The entry is separate.
-The third floor is a home. The surface is around 160 square meters. It has 3 bedrooms, a lounge, a corridor, two bathrooms, a large balcony and a dining room. It can be converted for any kind of purpose. The terrace of the third floor is exploitable. The entry is separate.
For your information: In this area, which is an area near the center, the price for the shop is 4000 Euros per square meter, but in several cases even more. This villa which is over 11 meters high can be converted into a hospital clinic, a business complex, and casino and can be used for other purposes. When I projected it, I have taken into consideration the possibility of conversion for this villa for many purposes.

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