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City - Tirana
Area -377+205 m2
Price - 1000 Euro €
Property type -Villa

Two storey villa for rent in Teodor Keko street in Tirana, Albania (TRR-318-28R)

Villa for rent in Teodor Keko street in Tirana.

The villa which is structured in two floors, is situated close to Unaza e Madhe in Teodor Keko street in Tirana.

The total surface of the property is 376.70 m2 while the surface of the building is 205 m2 organized in two floors with equal surface that are organized as follows:

The first floor consists of 2 living rooms, corridor and 1 toilet while the second floor is composed of 3 rooms, corridor, 3 balconies and a toilet.

The villa is offered furnished with a contemporary style and qualitative materials. 

It’s proximity to the main road and it’s location creates good conditions for business usage.

Heating and cooling are provided by four air conditioners.

The yard has a barbeque in the corner and its area can be used in different ways depending on the function that is given to the property.

It is located near the main road, close to the public transport station and close to all necessary services.

The location makes it possible for fast access to Teodor Keko street, Kavaja street and Unaza e Madhe e Tiranes.


Price 1000 Euro/Month


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